Health Tips (Part 1): Asthma

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Health Tips for Asthma

Health Tips (Part 1): Asthma

Asthma is a common, long term condition.  People with asthma have very sensitive airways; if they breath in something that irritates these airways, they become inflamed and tighten.

The following are some triggers that may lead to an attack (there are many more):

Viral Infections                  Exercise

Pollen  Animals                  Dust Mites

Stress and anxiety             Cigarette smoke



This can then lead to tightness in the chest, wheeziness and make it hard to breath and speak.[3] For some people climbing stairs can feel like a marathon. Having an asthma attack is extremely frightening as the person struggles to breath. Having had a recent asthma attack myself, I thought I was going to die, I couldn’t explain to my family how I was feeling because I was unable to speak, I was extremely short of breath and I was very scared.

Asthma can be life threatening, and every day three families in the UK lose a family member due to an asthma attack. [1]

There are very good treatments available for Asthma. Receiving the right treatment and taking the medication correctly can control the symptoms of most people so they can live normal lives. [3]

In the UK, 5.4 million people are currently receiving treatment for asthma. This is 1 in 11 children and 1 in 12 adults. [1]

This is equal to 1 in 5 UK homes having someone there with asthma. [2] This leads to the NHS spending £1 billion a year treating and caring for people with asthma. [1]

My next blog will look at asthma and weight loss.

Watch this space!


1 Asthma UK

2 HMSTC (Hertfordshire MS Therapy Centre)

3 British Lung Foundation


Wendy Attew, Senior Moving and Handling Consultant

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