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At USC we seek to provide the latest information to our customers about developments in the health and safety arena. We adopt several approaches for example training courses, newsletters, social media input and blog posts.

Our aim above all is to communicate the latest information effectively and keep everyone up to date. This includes developments in new legislation, enforcement trends and other factors. Such developments will often have an impact on the individual and their working environment. By delivery of our courses we hope to stimulate interest, challenge beliefs, and encourage lasting changes in behaviour. As a result Accidents and incidents will be reduced and outcomes improved.

Our blog posts are topical, and we hope of interest to a broad spectrum of readers. We encourage feedback no matter how critical it is providing it meets the criteria of relevance and good taste. Therefore we hope to establish an ongoing dialogue on current issues with our readers.

Our testimonial section consists of genuine responses to our services. However for confidentiality reasons we respect the wishes of those organisations that prefer not to have their names in print.

USC offices are open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm. If you need to make contact please refer to our contact menu and either fill in the contact request form or telephone.

At USC we are always looking to inform and we invite you look at our blog for our most recent communications. Also do visit our testamonial page for reviews on the services we provide.


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