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Health & Safety Consultancy – USC aims to maximise the benefits to organisation’s by making Health and Safety an intrinsic part of their business

USC can provide:

Competent Advice

In order to manage your health and safety arrangements effectively you need a Competent Person who can act as a source of advice on which you can rely.

USC are well equipped to fulfill this function and provide this service to a number of clients. It is our experience when carrying out workplace inspections that arrangements for managing health and safety are normally one of the weakest areas. This is particularly evident in small and medium sized businesses, where there is limited or no competent health and safety advice available.

Our Consultants can provide the competent advice you need with input on what is good practice as well as new solutions to assist you meet your legal obligations.

Policies and Guidance

One of the requirements for an effective Safety Management System is to have a suitable and sufficient number of written policies in place. Of these policies the most fundamental is the organisations Safety Policy. Other important policies include those relating to Risk Assessment, COSHH, DSE and Work Equipment.

Whatever your requirements you can be assured that all our policies and guidance will always be written in a simple and effective style. The responsibilities of key individuals and the organisations health and safety arrangements will be clearly described. Our aim is always to make all safety documentation both easy to read and to understand.

Accident/Incident Investigation

The aim of any accident / incident investigation is to try and establish the root cause with a view to formulating policies, practices and procedures to prevent a reoccurrence.

USC can provide an independent source for the investigation of accidents and incidents.

Our consultants are skilled in dealing with these situations in a sympathetic non confrontational manner. We aim to establish the facts and underlying causes by reference to any existing risk assessments, training records, standard operating procedures, customs and practice.

Our reports will recommend learning and action points to prevent or reduce the reoccurrence potential.

Health and Safety Assessments

Our aim is to work with you to provide practical tailor made solutions to meet your needs.

The Health & Safety Assessment will identify the hazards and risks to your business. A report will be produced with recommendations and an action plan for dealing with the risks identified. From this you and your staff will be guided to safer, more efficient working practices which will help you to comply with the law and enhance the working experience for all.

Workplace Assessments

We will systematically and critically examine your workplace and your activities to determine whether your staff or visitors are at risk.

A report identifying significant hazards and risks will be produced with a prioritised action plan for removing or reducing these risks as much as is possible. The plan will also identify how to comply with any statutory breaches and best practices. In this way you can be sure so far as reasonably practicable that you are safeguarding your business, staff and visitors.

Specific Assessments

Our consultants have extensive experience in carrying out assessments in a variety of industry sectors. Whether the assessment takes the form of an audit or an inspection, a full report with recommendations and a prioritised action plan to aid effective implementation will always be produced.

Areas you may require specialised help with could include:

  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Lone Working
  • Fire Safety
  • Work Equipment
  • Management of Contractors
  • Maintenance Activities
  • Manual Handling
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Construction Safety
  • Noise
  • First Aid

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