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Moving & Handling Training

Moving & Handling Training also known as Manual Handling Training has been provided by our company to the healthcare and private sectors since 1994. USC’s Moving and Handling Division is  a multidisciplinary team which includes healthcare professionals from nursing, physiotherapy, and clinical ergonomics backgrounds.

There is an obligation on employers under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (2006 Amendment & 1999) and the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 to ensure that staff are trained to a level commensurate with their activities and the risks involved. In other words moving & handling training should be specific to the work activity as far as possible.

An office worker will require manual handling training to enable them to lift boxes or perhaps to push or pull a trolley. Our Inanimate Load Handling course provides this necessary training.

Hospital and Care Workers will in addition need to know how to move patients. This may involve moving a patient in a bed or from chair to bed or vice versa. Use of a slide sheet or a hoist may be required. Our Moving & Handling of People course will give practical instruction on the techniques to be used. Manual Handling training for moving paediatric patients is also available.

Occupational therapists and physiotherapist have to balance the need to assist patients with the need to give them the independence to aid recovery and / or enable them to return into the community. Our Moving & handling for Therapy course is specifically designed for these groups.

Some organisation may have a sufficient need to justify having an in-house trainer. USC can provide a course for appointed staff to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to train others.

USC provides courses in the following:


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