Risk Assessment (Manual Handling of People)


This half day course aims to equip Managers with the practical skills needed to identify, quantify and effectively manage handling risks within the workplace. Class Size There is a maximum of 10 places on this course and a minimum of 3 Aim To provide the advanced knowledge and practical skills which managers need to undertake effective moving and handling risk assessments and to supervise staff who are involved in the handling of people and loads.


  • Group Introduction
  • The cost of work related back pain, including
    • How would a back injury affect you?
    • Collation of manual handling problems encountered by managers in their areas.
  • Legislation and Policies, including
    • General Health and Safety Legislation
    • Specific Manual Handling Legislation
    • Relevant Community Care Legislation
    • Human Rights Legislation
    • Responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Risk Assessment, including
    • Importance of risk management
    • Role of the risk assessor
    • How to identify hazards
    • Introduction to risk assessment documentation
    • Accident and incident monitoring and reporting
    • Ergonomics and moving and handling
    • How to organize risk assessments
    • Generic and individual risk assessments
    • Designing and implementing safe systems of work
    • Practical risk assessment exercises
    • Reviewing and monitoring risk assessments
  • Safe Lifting Principles – including all the features to be remembered when moving and an inanimate load
  • Unsafe handling techniques
  • Questions and evaluation of course

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the delegates will:

  • Have knowledge about Manual Handling legislation
  • Be confident in carrying out Manual Handling risk assessments
  • Have participated in Manual Handling risk assessment exercises which will be useful within the workplace
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