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Health & Safety Consultancy Services

By using USC’s Health Safety Consultancy Services we aim to maximize the benefits to organisations by making Health and Safety an intrinsic part of their business.

Our Services encompass Health and Safety, Biological Safety, Fire Safety and Moving & Handling of persons or objects in many diverse environments. We  are able to provide services to Factories, Offices, Care Homes, Hospitals, Medical Research Institutions and Universities.

Health & Safety Consultancy

Competent Advice services to  help you  and your organisation keep within the the law in all your and safety consultancy

Provision of suitable Policies and Guidance to support your Safety Management System.

Accident and Incident investigation with provision of a report, with recommendations and an action plan to prevent a recurrence.

Health and Safety Assessments to identify risks to your business.

Workplace Inspections to critically examine your workplace and your activities with provision of report, recommendations and action plan.

Specific assessments of parts of your organisation utilizing audits or inspections .

Biological Safety Consultancy

Competent Advice services to ensure that biological agents are used in accordance with legal requirements.

Provision of Policies, Procedures and Guidance to support your biological safety management system.

Training as required on biosafety to ensure staff work safely.

Risk Assessments to identify the hazards and the risk of the work being undertaken and the measures required to reduce these risks

Audits and Inspections to actively monitor your safety management system.

Accident / Incident Investigations following spillages inoculation injuries and other incidents

Fire Safety Consultancy

UK Fire Extinguishers

Competent Advice services to keep you and your organisation within the law.

Training needs analysis.

Provision of policies and guidance on fire precautions as required for all types of industrial, commercial and residential properties.

Investigation following a fire alarm activation or a fire and the provision of a report with action plan to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.

Provision of Fire Risk Assessments and designation of the Responsible Person.

Fire Safety Audits and Inspections to determine the risk of fire to your organisation.

Moving & Handling Consultancy

Provision of expert advice to you, your managers and your staff.

Training need analysis.Moving and Handling

Provision of Policies and Guidance to support your organisation’s arrangements for safe handling of goods or people.

Specialised guidance on moving and handling Bariatric patients. Training can be provided using Bariatric suits.

Audits of staff performance on site.

Audits of moving and handling equipment.

Bespoke specialist manual handling services on request.

Unique and customised solutions.

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