Moving & Handling For Occupational Therapy (Refresher)

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Moving & Handling For Occupational Therapy (Refresher)


On this advanced level 1 day course delegates will refresh their moving & handling risk assessment skills and apply these skills to practical problem solving in complex situations.

Number of Delegates: 3-8

Learning Objectives

  • Have updated their working knowledge of relevant law and organisational and professional policies on moving and handling
  • Be able to apply the concept of ‘Balanced Decision Making’ in Manual Handling risk assessments in complex situations
  • Have mastered the use of advanced techniques on a range of manual handling devices and mechanical aids
  • Have sufficient skills to adjudicate in staff/client/carer conflicts

Course Outline

  • IntroductionMoving & Handling For Occupational Therapy
  • Aims & objectives of the workshop
  • OT quiz
  • Recent case law
  • College of Occupational Therapists (COT) guidelines
  • Basic rehabilitation handling
  • Principles of safe handling of inanimate loads
  • Principles of safe handling of people
  • Extended equipment steeple chase
  • Condemned handling techniques
  • Practical scenarios
  • Interactive problem solving sessions
  • Conclusion
  • Course appraisal

*This session adopts a workshop not a training approach. Therefore, delegates are encouraged to contribute their own scenarios and techniques to the critique process.


What our clients said : 

Informative, good handout given. Practical session- informative and educational. Questions answered satisfactory.

Thank you for an entertaining and informative session good sense of humour.

Therapists, East London Foundation Trust 17 Oct 2014

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