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Moving & Handling Of Children (Introduction):


This intensive intermediate level 1 day course will give delegates the knowledge and practical skills needed for the moving and handling of children safely. Delegates will also be equipped to carry out basic moving & handling risk assessments.

Number of Delegates: 3-8

Learning Objectives

  • Know their own responsibility and their employer’s responsibilities under relevant manual handling law and local policies
  • Be able to apply simple ergonomic principles to reduce risk from moving and handling of children
  • Have practiced using hoists and other moving & handling equipment for moving children
  • Be able to identify and avoid condemned and unsafe handling techniques

Course Outline

  • The cost of work related back painMoving and Handling of Children (introduction)
  • Manual handling/disability/human rights legislation
  • Organisation policies
  • Structure & function of the spine/ back care
  • Risk assessment
  • Handling of inanimate loads
  • Unsafe load handling techniques
  • Equipment workshop
  • Principles of safe handling of children
  • Practical moving & handling techniques
      Moving the child in bed
      Use of slide sheets
      Hoisting techniques
      Management of the fallen child
      Assisting children in a chair, to stand, to walk
      Seated transfers to bed, chair, wheelchair
      Using small manual handling aids
      Managing children with multiple disabilities including learning difficulties
      Problem solving/ questions & answer
  • Course appraisal

*The specific needs of each group will be considered and certain techniques in the above list may be given more or less emphasis.


What our clients say about us:

The course was good as we were all at the same level and therefore it was adapted to our needs. I think the structure worked well. Occupational Therapist, East London Foundation Trust 7 Jan 2014

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