Moving & Handling For Occupational Therapy (Introduction)

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Moving & Handling For Occupational Therapy (Introduction)


This is an entry level 2 day course for Occupational Therapists (OT). It provides the tools needed to carry out manual handling risk assessments and implement safe systems of work. It is for moving and assisting people to move while undertaking occupational therapy.

Number of Delegates: 3-8

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the legal concept of ‘Balanced Decision Making’ in Manual Handling risk assessments.
  • Be able to identify hazards.
  • Carry out Manual Handling risk assessments of people and loads.
  • Apply appropriate remedial measures in the classroom and the workplace.
  • Master the use of a range of manual handling techniques, devices and mechanical aids.
  • Have sufficient knowledge/skills to prescribe appropriate moving & handling equipment and advise managers, frontline staff, carers and clients

Course Outline


  • Aims & objectives of the courseMoving & Handling For Occupational Therapy
  • The cost of work related back pain in therapists
  • Legislation/balanced decision making
  • Organisation policies
  • COT guidelines
  • Revision of spinal anatomy & back care
  • Risk assessment and ergonomics
  • Problem solving workshop
  • Golden rules to safe handling
  • Handling of objects – unsafe and safe techniques
  • Unsafe client handling techniques
  • Prescribed equipment
  • Safe handling techniques I
    • Moving people in bed
    • Use of slide sheets


  • Revision
  • Safe Handling Techniques II
    • Advanced sliding techniques
    • Hoisting Techniques
    • Advanced hoisting techniques
    • Management of the fallen person
  • Safe Handling Techniques III
    • Management of the falling person
    • Management of clients with dementia
    • Managing client with multiple disabilities including people with learning difficulties
    • Assisting people in a chair
    • Assisting people to stand
  • Safe Handling Techniques IV
    • Assisting people to walk
    • Seated transfers- bed, chair, commode, wheelchair
    • Using small manual handling aids
  • Problem solving workshop
  • Course appraisal & close


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