Single Carer Care Package Course-Occupational Therapists


Course Outline

This intensive 1-day workshop will equip Occupational Therapists (OTs) with the knowledge and skills to accurately review or specify single and double carer care packages. This course aims to help the OT to achieve an optimum blend between carer input and equipment in the provision of a high quality service to the client.


OTs will learn new skills in balanced decision making or hone existing skills in the application of equipment knowledge to the achieving suitable care packages.


There are up to 8 places on this workshop.


The course will cover:

Economic and political context of single carer packages

Case studies of successful implementation

Legal framework

COT framework

Risk assessment-care package review, cost benefit analysis, balanced decision making

Choosing assistive equipment

Benefits-clients, occupational therapists, employers

Using equipment to reduce care packages

  • In bed systems
  • Standing aids
  • Miscellaneous equipment
  •  Turning frames
  • Ceiling Track hoists

Justification of single carer packages

  • Exertion
  • Postural analysis
  •  Discomfort

What our clients say about us:

“Very informative and detailed practical aspects with good variations” – Respondent from Newham PCT – 08/10/2011