Moving & Handling For Outpatient Physiotherapy


This is an intermediate level half day practical workshop which includes a critique of techniques used by outpatient physiotherapists. The selection of techniques on each course may vary based on the mix of delegates.

Number of Delegates: 3-8

Learning Objectives

  • Be aware of any changes in manual handling law, local policies and professional guidance
  • Be aware of organisational arrangement on manual handling risk assessment and would have discussed relevant assessments
  • Have participated in a practical peer review of a relevant selection of speciality specific techniques and accompanying postures

Course Outline (Outpatient Physiotherapy)

  • The cost of work related back pain amongst outpatient physiotherapists
  • Legislation update
  • Professional guidelines
  • Generic manual handling risk assessment
  • Biomechanics, back care & posture
  • Ergonomics & use of display screen equipment (DSE)
  • Use of DSE
  • Movement of portable equipment and wheeled equipment
  • Working Heights
  • Interactive critique of handling of patient limbs, lower & upper limbs & head
  • Supervising patient transfers
  • Supine to side lying/sitting
  • Prone to side lying/sitting
  • Sit to stand/walking
  • Moving up the plinth
  • Course appraisal

*This session adopts a workshop not a training approach. Therefore, delegates are encouraged to contribute their own scenarios and techniques to the critique process.

What our clients say about us:

“Very informative and detailed practical aspects with good variations” – Respondent from Newham PCT – 08/10/2011