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Moving & Handling of People – Update Course


This half day course is designed as a refresher. It has an emphasis on practical people handling skills. This programme combines a brief review of the theory of manual handling and an intensive practical session to allow delegates to review previously learnt techniques. Detailed course notes will be provided prior to the course to enable delegates to come prepared, to cover the theoretical content in a time effective manner.

Class Size

There is a maximum of 8 places on this course and a minimum of 3


  • To update delegates’ understanding of the requirements of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations within the work place
  • To facilitate employees to apply good Manual Handling techniques within the workplace and in everyday life


Brief theoretical overview to cover the following:

  • Work related muscular skeletal disorders statistics
  • Review of legislation/Organisational policy
  • Review of back care
  • Review of risk assessment and ergonomics
  • Review of manual handling principles including how not to move people, falling and fallen people

Practical session will cover detailed techniques involving:

  • Chair manoeuvres
  • Bed manoeuvres
  • Small equipment demonstration
  • Hoisting
  • Use of other equipment
  • Problem Solving Forum

Each session will include demonstration and practical techniques which will involve participants. The practical focus on each presentation of the course will vary based on the manual handling tasks involved in delegates’ jobs.


Course appraisal

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants should:

  • Have knowledge about Manual Handling legislation
  • Have an awareness of the structure of the back and important considerations concerning back care
  • Be confident in carrying out risk assessments and writing care plans specifically regarding Manual Handling
  • Have participated in Manual Handling practical techniques which are useful within the workplace

What our clients say about us:

“An excellent presentation”

Health Care professional; Central and North West London Foundation NHS Trust-22/04/2014

“Enjoyable course”- Care worker, London Borough of Enfield- 20 Feb 2014

“More Update information and techniques learnt today. Delivery of information good. Techniques learnt will enhance working life”-Nurse, East London Foundation Trust 11 November 2014

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