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Top Tips for Manual Handling

Written by Bella Glover July 8, 2020 0 comment

top tips for manual handling

Manual Handling – Top Tips

I have now been a Manual Handling Consultant for 7 years working in the Health & Care Industry; training Nurses, Health Care Assistants & Therapists on safer Patient Handling.  Also training Council staff on Inanimate Load Handling and find that there are still some gaps in employee training. I highlight what I believe are the Manual Handling Top Tips which if followed will reduce the risk of injury.

In this blog I will be going through a check list of things to consider addressing before and during any manual handling tasks.

       Risk Assess any Manual Handling Task 


       Ensure Employees have had correct Manual Handling Training 


       Consider the use of Mechanical Aids wherever possible 


      Plan the Route 


          Start with a Stable Base 


      Keep the Load Close 


Bend from your Hips and Knees 



Bella Glover – Moving & Handling Consultant

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