Face Coverings

Written by Wendy Attew March 22, 2021 0 comment

Face Covering

Face Coverings

Since my last blog about wearing face coverings, I have read quite a few articles about problems people are having wearing them. I have chosen two of these which I feel are the most common to write about today.

Why do glasses fog up when wearing a face covering?

As a glass’s wearer myself, it is annoying when I put on a face mask and my glasses steam up. I then can’t see anything which defeats the object of wearing glasses in the first place!
When we are wearing a mask our breath can escape from the top of the mask. If the warm breath escapes it can contact the cold lenses which then causes the lenses to fog up and reduce clear sight.

So, what can we do?

I have come across these tips which may help you. I must stress I have only tried out the first tip, which does work, but I would love to hear your feedback on the others.
1) Wash your lenses in soapy water and dry carefully with a soft cloth.
2) Wear your glasses on top of the face covering.
3) There are fog free lenses on the market; if you are due new glasses this may be something to discuss with your optician.
4) Consider using an anti-fog spray or wipes.

Why are there skin changes on the face when wearing a face covering?

Many of us have seen some horrific pictures in the Newspapers or on the TV of frontline health staff with patchy, broken, sore skin from wearing face masks while at work. These people are working under extreme pressure in warm environments for long periods of a time, but they are aware that the safety of others far outweighs skin problems.
When wearing a mask the area underneath becomes warm and humid which leads to moisture building up. This can lead to the pores in the skin becoming clogged, the skin becomes moist and irritated which could lead to the skin breaking down.

So, what can we do?

We know we must wear face coverings in line with the Governments Guidelines, but it doesn’t mean we have to experience skin problems and discomfort. The following tips may help.
1) Wear a face covering that isn’t too tight.
2) Where possible and safe, remove the mask at intervals throughout the day.
3) Wash your hands straight after removing the face covering to prevent contaminating the face if you touch it.
4) Cleanse the face with mild products.
5) Hydrate the face by moisturizing the skin with light products before applying the face covering.
6) Ask your pharmacist about a barrier cream.
7) If you are prone to skin problems which have been exacerbated by wearing a face covering, ask your Pharmacist for advice or contact your GP for a virtual appointment.
8) Try and avoid wearing makeup under the face covering as this can clog the pores.
9) It could be you have an allergy to the material of the face covering you are wearing. Try using one made of a different material; but please remember do not stop wearing a face covering.

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