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Poor Posture and Bad Weather

Written by Wendy Attew November 30, 2022 0 comment

poor posture and bad weather

Poor Posture and Bad Weather

Its that time again, songs are heard everywhere you go, mince pieces are stacked high in the shops and fairy light are flashing in windows and poor posture and bad weather  can become an issue.  Yes its nearly Christmas! It’s a lovely time of year and even those who are a little” bah humbug” soften slightly around this time.

At this time of year, the wish for many is a white Christmas, which as we all know is very hit and miss in the UK! However, even if there isn’t any of the white stuff the temperature can drop considerably which can lead to many falls at home aswell as at work as a result from poor posture associated with bad weather.

Problems caused by Poor Posture and Bad Weather

  • When its cold we tend to hunch our shoulders when walking outside, which for most of us feels the natural things to do. This hunching is called Muscle Guarding, which is our way of protecting ourselves during the cold and wind. When doing this our muscles tense and go into spasm, this can then lead to neck pain.poor posture and bad weather
  • When going out in the cold wear extra layers of clothing and be aware of hunching your shoulders.
  • Wear correct footwear for the weather. They should give support and be able to grip, such as walking boots not trainers.
  • For extra grip in icy conditions consider using a pair of ice grips with your existing shoes.
  • Beware of your surroundings, avoid icy patches. Put salt down on your path.
  • Walk slowly on any ice, take short steps for stability, take your time. Keep your hands out of your pockets, so you are prepared for a fall.
  • When at work be aware of you surroundings when carrying out moving and handling procedures and make sure you have received training.

Merry Christmas

Take care this winter, prevention is better than cure.


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