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Moving & Handling For Enablement Workers


This 1 day intermediate Moving and Handling for Enablement Workers course. The aim is to introduce delegates to the concept of supporting clients’ mobility in the enablement service.

Number of Delegates: 3-8

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify differences between moving a client and facilitating a client to move themselves
  • Describe the professional relationship between occupational therapists and physiotherapists and enablement workers
  • Do a basic risk assessment to determine the suitability of clients for enablement and respond appropriately with or without equipment

Course Outline:

  • House rulesMoving and Handling for enablement workers
  • Legislation (revision)
  • Organisation policies (revision)
  • Structure and function of the spine/back care (revision)
  • Enablement risk assessment
  • Handling of inanimate loads (revision)
  • Principles of safe handling of loads
  • Team handling
  • Practical load handling techniques
  • Unsafe load handling techniques
  • Handling of people (revision)
  • Equipment update
  • Practical techniques
    • Sit to stand independently
    • Sit to stand (assisted)
    • Assisted walking (Handling belt)
    • Rota Stand
    • Standing hoist
    • Return 7500
    • Getting up from the floor (Backward chaining)
    • Getting up from the floor (Using a chair)
    • Slide sheets
    • Mobile hoists
    • Bed mobility: Bridging, Bed Rails, Self assisted rolling and sitting up in bed
  • Course appraisal and close

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