Travel Safely on Holiday

Written by Gil Durrant May 18, 2021 0 comment

Travel Safely on Holiday

Travel Safely on Holiday

At long last we can travel safely on holiday! …….Well can we really?

Just consider the Green List of destinations.

12 Countries are identified as being safe to travel to on holiday, 2 of which are not allowing anyone in, Australia & New Zealand. One now is in a state of conflict, Israel. One closing all their schools due to a rise in COVID infections, Singapore. Which leaves only 8 countries of which Portugal is the most popular. However Portugal only agreed to allow entry of people from the UK on Friday 14 May. This agreement was subject to a requirement  of a negative PCR test result within 72 hour prior to entry. Cost of a test ranges from £79 to £139 depending on how urgently you need the results with additional COVID tests required before boarding the plane to come back and a further PCR test on your return.

Total outlay for a couple could be between £500 to £900. This is a huge addition to the cost of a holiday.

Can You Actually Travel Safely on Holiday?Travel Safely on Holiday

What are the safety issues?

Queues at departures and arrivals preventing adequate social distancing.

Delays due to inadequately manned desks by Border Force resulting in waits for up to 3 hours so far.

Mixing of passengers departing and arriving all possibly making airports a potential Super Spreader Event.

The new Indian Variant whose transimissibility is said to be up to 50% higher with the possibility that young people may be more vulnerable to this variant.

What action to take to ensure that you can Travel Safely on Holiday?

How from the safety and health point of view do you reduce the likelihood of becoming a statistic?

Clearly the use of proper fitting face mask is essential. This needs to cover both nose and mouth and not as seems common practice allowed to slip below the nose. Used properly significant protection will be provided.

Social distancing will be important but very difficult to achieve if there are long queues at Check In, Passport Control,  Baggage Handling and Customs.

The use of plastic gloves. However continuous use would be difficult so frequent washing of hands is essential and avoidance of touching the face and eyes is important. However if you have young children particularly toddlers keeping this under control could be nightmare.

Brave or Foolhardy?

In the circumstances only the brave or foolhardy would put themselves in this situation. The government has given the green light indicating that it is safe to travel on holiday. It is therefore incumbent on the government to show leadership and ensure that there are suitable numbers of Border Force personnel at their desks to meet the passenger numbers and minimise waiting times and queues.



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