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First Aid At Work Training

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First Aid At Work Training

First Aid At Work Training

We will be providing First Aid At Work Training courses starting in October. This is in addition to the courses we provide in Moving & Handling, Health and Safety  and Fire Safety.

The Legal Background

An employer must have in place arrangements for responding to staff who become ill or are injured at work.  This will include:

  • a First Aid Box suitably stocked.
  • persons appointed with sufficient training in First Aid at Work to take charge of a situation and / or treat the ill or injured as necessary.

Assessment of Needs

An assessment of needs will determine the arrangements you need to have in place based on the risk of injury.

This assessment will consider many factors including:

  • the size of the enterprise,
  • the work carried out
  • hazards and risks encountered
  • work patterns
  • distance from  emergency services

Consider the following three scenarios:

A Low Risk Environment

This is where your staff numbers are not high. Work is low risk and  there is fast access to emergency services .

An Appointed Person will oversee the arrangements for first aid. They will look after the facilities and ensure the First Aid Box is suitably stocked. Also they will be responsible for calling the emergency services.

No formal First Aid At Work training is required. More than one person can be appointed to this role to ensure cover is maintained to account for shift patterns and holidays.

A Higher Risk EnvironmentFirst Aid At Work Training

The needs assessment indicates the work is more hazardous. Such work could include working in a warehouse using moving and or lifting equipment, working with electricity etc.

Here the Appointed Person in addition to the duties above will require First Aid at Work Training. The Appointed Person would be qualified to give emergency first aid to a worker who is injured or becomes ill at work.

Formal  training is required by the provision of Emergency First Aid at Work Training

The Highest Risk Environment

The needs assessment here indicates high staff numbers. High number of tasks leading to greater risk. Injury from use of machinery or chemicals is foreseeable. Emergency services are some distance away and may take some time to arrive.

In addition to the formal training as above First Aid at Work Training will facilitate the Appointed Person being able to provide first aid to a range of specific injuries and illnesses.

What Help is Available?

Do you need help in carrying out a assessment of needs? Can you decide what level of First Aid At Work Training you require? Contact  USC to assist you.

Courses we will offer:

  • Emergency First Aid At Work (EFAW)
  • First Aid At Work (FAW)
  • Basic Life Support Training Level 1
  • Pediatric First Aid

Training courses are on your site. Certificates will be issued on successful completion of a course and is valid for 3 years.

Refresher training is also available for all courses.




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