Lighten the Mood

Written by Wendy Attew August 27, 2021 0 comment

Lighten the Mood

Lighten the Mood!

This year has been hard for everyone with the COVID-19 Pandemic so I hope I can lighten the mood.

Maybe I can  raise a smile with these stories I heard in my nursing career many, many years ago.

Lighten the Mood 1

A Nurse was working the night shift. One of her jobs for that night was to clean all the dentures worn by the patients on the ward. She collected a large bowl and went from patient to patient putting their dentures into this bowl of soapy water. She proceeded to the sluice room where she cleaned every denture thoroughly. Whilst doing this the Nursing Officer who was doing her rounds went into the sluice room and congratulated the Nurse on her enthusiasm. However, she stopped the Nurse in her tracks when she asked which denture belonged to which patient!

Come daylight the Nurse went from patient to patient getting them to try the dentures to see which ones fit. To make things worse, the Nurse ended up with an odd denture that did not fit anyone!

Lighten the Mood 2Lighten the Mood

A patient was on bed rest, and allowed out of bed only to use the commode. On this day a Student Nurse was allocated this patient’s care. As the shift passed, the patient requested to use the commode. About 15 minutes later another member of staff was passing the patients bed. Through the cracks in the curtains around the bed she could see the patient sitting on the commode which was on top of the bed!

The Student Nurse had misunderstood. She thought that the patient was on bed rest and should use the commode if she needed the toilet!

Lighten the Mood 3

The patient suffered breathing problems and therefore a student nurse had to administer Aminophyline in a suppository form. The Nurse went off to give the medication. A colleague watched the Nurse as she proceeded to put the suppository up the Patient’s nose! Luckily, her colleague stopped the nurse in time and administered the medication correctly.

The Student Nurse thought that because the Patient had a breathing problem the medication would be going up the nose and not elsewhere.

I hope that if you have read this article it made you chuckle a little.

Keep safe and well everyone and we will get through this together.

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