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Moving & Handling: COVID

Written by Wendy Attew October 6, 2021 0 comment

Moving and Handling

Moving & Handling: Covid Update

Over the last 18 months the provision of safe moving and handling training  has been difficult. COVID has changed the way we live our lives; and although COVID guidance has been relaxed, we are still not out of the woods yet.

At USC we respect this; and our aim is to give the best face to face Moving and Handling Training while keeping our Delegates and our Trainers as safe as is reasonably practicable.

Moving and Handling Training OptionsMoving and Handling

Some training can be done virtually; unfortunately to get the best from a Moving and Handling Course, staff need to practice a variety of practical techniques under the supervision of a trainer to ensure they are safe to carry out the techniques on the people they are caring for. For his to happen we require our delegates to adhere to some safety measures during our courses.


Safety Precautions Before and During Training

  • All equipment used during the course will be clean before use.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds or use hand gel prior to entering the training room, before and after eating, after using the toilet and when coughing or sneezing.
  • If a tissue is used it should be binned straight after use.
  • Delegates will be asked to wear a mask throughout the training and change them as needed.
  • Delegates should maintain a social distance where possible.
  • During the Practical work delegates should wear gloves and aprons when touching each other. If a Manikin is available this should be used for suitable practical work.
  • Delegates should alert the Trainer of any relevant health issues prior to commencement of the training.
  • If a delegate feels unwell during the course they should inform the Trainer straight away.

Safety Precautions After Moving and Handling Training

After the course, depending on the equipment, it will be either wiped down, laundered, or bagged for 72hrs. All paperwork will be kept to the minimum on the day, with certificates being issued via email.

Face to Face Training is Now Available

If you are thinking about recommencing training for your new staff or refresher training but are a bit apprehensive, please rest assured that since we started face to face training again we have had some very positive feedback. This can be seen on this site under Testimonials.

If you are interested in booking our training or would like to speak to someone, please contact our Senior Moving and Handling Consultant, Wendy Attew, on 07725956316 or email

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