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Obesity in the UKObesity

More and more people in this country are in the obesity category and this may lead to health complications.

There are a variety of reasons why people are overweight. This could be due to a poor diet, eating highly processed food, takeaways, sugary foods etc. It could be due to lack of exercise. also carrying too much weight, arthritic knees, other health issues or poor motivation. Some medications such as Corticosteroids, Insulin and Beta-blockers can cause weight gain. Some health conditions, such as underactive thyroid gland and stress and low mood can also contribute.

Obesity and the NHS

As obesity increases in society, more strain is being put on the NHS and Care Homes. As a Moving and Handling Consultant I am seeing and hearing more about how staff are finding this a challenge in the workplace, some have never had to move someone who is very heavy before, they don’t know how to move people who are bigger, they are not aware of what Bariatric equipment is available and they are not sure where to go for help.

Bariatric Moving and Handling

Staff need to prepare for the possibility that they may have to look after someone who is very overweight sooner rather than later. It is going to take a while before society sees a reduction in obesity levels.

Help is available

Our physiotherapy trainer will provide USC’s Bespoke Bariatric Moving and Handling Course. She will provide expert instruction on how to move and handle very heavy patients. On completion of the course staff will feel confident and prepared to handle any eventuality that may present itself.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information or to discuss your requirements.

If you are interested in booking our training please contact our Senior Moving and Handling Consultant, Wendy Attew, on 07725956316 or email










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