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Eat Out to Help Out
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Being A Small Business Employer During COVID-19

Being a Small Business Employer During COVID-19 Being a small business employer during COVID-19 has been challenging. Particularly so if you are classed as BAME, over 65 and have Type 2 Diabetes. You exercise five times a week and keep semi isolated by mixing only with family and other semi isolated people. Add to this …

Fire Drill involving smoke filling room
Blog - Health & Safety

Fire Drills

Fire Drills   Fire Drills & Why do we do them?   Wherever you work in an office, shop, factory, hotel or any other building in fact, it is very likely that you will have taken part in a fire drill at some point. For most of us this is just a necessary distraction that …

Flying on Business
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Flying on Business

Flying on Business   Health risks of flying long distance The current spread of the corona virus is throwing up some interesting challenges to the practice of flying on business for both passengers and the airline industry It has highlighted a particular concern I have had for many years. This is the long standing culture …

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