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Working From Home
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Working from Home

Working from Home It would appear working from home is likely to become the norm for a significant number of people and it is therefore perhaps timely to remind everyone of their responsibilities. From the employers perspective there is actually no difference in terms of their responsibilities. Home workers are in the same position as …

Electrical Safety
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Electrical Fires

Electrical Fires When you buy electrical equipment do you ever consider Fire Safety and the causes of Electrical Fires?  Do you ask the question what is the most likely cause for a fire starting in the workplace? This might be an easy question to answer if you are carrying out activities where sources of ignition …

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Obesity in the UK More and more people in this country are in the obesity category and this may lead to health complications. There are a variety of reasons why people are overweight. This could be due to a poor diet, eating highly processed food, takeaways, sugary foods etc. It could be due to lack …

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