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Patient Hoist Checks
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Patient Hoist Checks

Patient Hoist Checks   Patient hoist checks are essential before use. Are you using a hoist on a patient in a health care setting, eg in a hospital, or in a person’s home?  Always do a series of hoist checks before carrying out a lift. It is easy to become complacent when hoisting is just …

Hoisting Patients
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Hoisting Patients

Hoisting Patients (Part Two) This is the second part of my blog about Hoisting Patients. Here I will try to identify the things you must do before any lifting procedure involving hoists.   Check you Patient Hoist before each use. When using a hoist in a health care setting, such as in a hospital or …

Moving & handling training
Health & Safety - Moving & Handling

Patient Hoisting

Patient Hoisting (Part One) In my recent Blog, Manual Handling in the NHS, 5th January 2022, I spoke about how techniques and equipment including patient hoists are changing all the time, That staff need to keep themselves up to date with training so that the techniques and the equipment used is the safest for themselves, …

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