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Moving and Handling
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Moving and Handling

Moving and Handling Let’s Get Moving and Handling! It is nearly a year since we first went into Lockdown and so much has changed during this time. The Government tells us we can’t do this but can do that! Then tells us we can do this and can’t do that! One thing remains the same …

Fire in the home
Health & Safety - Home Features - Welfare

FIre in the Home

Fire in the Home A Fire in the home is something you hope is never going to happen. However there are around 30,000 fires in dwellings each year in England and around 300 deaths as a result. There are legal requirements governing fire safety arrangements for workplaces. For homes there are Buildings Regulations to ensure …

Humidity and Viral Infections
Blog - Health & Safety - News

Humidity and Viral Infections

Humidity and Viral Infections What do you know about humidity and viral infections? Did you know: that a report from the Transboundary and Emerging Disease Journal suggests there is a link between humidity and viral infections including the COVID-19 Virus? that research carried out at Yale University* and the University of Sydney** explains that the …

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