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Moving & handling training, what makes a good trainer
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What Makes a Good Trainer?

What Makes a Good Trainer?     This second blog assumes that you have some training knowledge and asks the question what makes a good trainer? Below we provide some answers:   Assessing Learning Assessment can be formal or informal. Is the course material at the right level?  Were there sufficient recaps? Ask the learners for …

Health, Safety, Fire & Manual Handling Training
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How to become a Trainer

How to Become a Trainer How to become a trainer is a good question? Is it just standing in front of a class of learners, switching on a PowerPoint presentation and read the slides to the class? Does this make them a good Trainer? There are various approved teacher training courses that may help. Here …

Patient Hoist Checks
Blog - Health & Safety - Hoists - Moving & Handling

Patient Hoist Checks

Patient Hoist Checks   Patient hoist checks are essential before use. Are you using a hoist on a patient in a health care setting, eg in a hospital, or in a person’s home?  Always do a series of hoist checks before carrying out a lift. It is easy to become complacent when hoisting is just …

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