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Fire in the home
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FIre in the Home

Fire in the Home A Fire in the home is something you hope is never going to happen. However there are around 30,000 fires in dwellings each year in England and around 300 deaths as a result. There are legal requirements governing fire safety arrangements for workplaces. For homes there are Buildings Regulations to ensure …

Humidity and Viral Infections
Blog - Health & Safety - News

Humidity and Viral Infections

Humidity and Viral Infections What do you know about humidity and viral infections? Did you know: that a report from the Transboundary and Emerging Disease Journal suggests there is a link between humidity and viral infections including the COVID-19 Virus? that research carried out at Yale University* and the University of Sydney** explains that the …

Hands Face Space
Health & Safety - Welfare

Hands Face Space

Hands Face Space Government Advice Once again we are in a COVID-19 lockdown and the most important thing we can do to help to prevent the spread of this virus is to stay at home or failing that adopt the COVID advice¬† ie Hands, Face, Space. The Government COVID Guidance is promoting the concept of …

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