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Obesity in the UK More and more people in this country are in the obesity category and this may lead to health complications. There are a variety of reasons why people are overweight. This could be due to a poor diet, eating highly processed food, takeaways, sugary foods etc. It could be due to lack …

Humidity and the Covid-19 Virus
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Humidity and the COVID-19 Virus – Update

Humidity and the COVID-19 Virus – Update Winter is Coming This is a Humidity and the Covid-19 Virus – Update in preparation for  winter. Reports have shown that breathing air which is below recommended humidity levels irritates respiratory passages and contributes to a heightened risk of COVID-19 and influenza. A side affect of social distancing …

Accidents do Happen
Building - Health & Safety

Accidents do Happen

Accidents Do Happen Even to Safety Consultants accidents do happen or in this case to their relatives. This occurred at my son’s house on 27 January 2021 during remedial roof work. A tile fell from the roof hit a car and bounced off narrowly missing a person. The builder of the estate initiated work and …

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