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Humidity and the Covid-19 Virus
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Humidity and the COVID-19 Virus – Update

Humidity and the COVID-19 Virus – Update Winter is Coming This is a Humidity and the Covid-19 Virus – Update in preparation for  winter. Reports have shown that breathing air which is below recommended humidity levels irritates respiratory passages and contributes to a heightened risk of COVID-19 and influenza. A side affect of social distancing …

Travel Safely on Holiday
Blog - Health & Safety - Welfare

Travel Safely on Holiday

Travel Safely on Holiday At long last we can travel safely on holiday! …….Well can we really? Just consider the Green List of destinations. 12 Countries are identified as being safe to travel to on holiday, 2 of which are not allowing anyone in, Australia & New Zealand. One now is in a state of …

Face Covering
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Face Coverings

Face Coverings Since my last blog about wearing face coverings, I have read quite a few articles about problems people are having wearing them. I have chosen two of these which I feel are the most common to write about today. Why do glasses fog up when wearing a face covering? As a glass’s wearer …

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