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Face Covering
Blog - Welfare

Face Coverings

Face Coverings Since my last blog about wearing face coverings, I have read quite a few articles about problems people are having wearing them. I have chosen two of these which I feel are the most common to write about today. Why do glasses fog up when wearing a face covering? As a glass’s wearer …

Pain caused by mattress
Blog - Welfare

Bed And Back Pain

Bed and Back Pain Did you know that bed and back pain often go go together? Did you know that we spend a third of our life on our beds? 26 years sleeping and 7 years trying to get to sleep. In total that is a massive 12,045 days!1 So, you would think that if …

Fire in the home
Health & Safety - Home Features - Welfare

FIre in the Home

Fire in the Home A Fire in the home is something you hope is never going to happen. However there are around 30,000 fires in dwellings each year in England and around 300 deaths as a result. There are legal requirements governing fire safety arrangements for workplaces. For homes there are Buildings Regulations to ensure …

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