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Lighten the Mood
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Lighten the Mood

Lighten the Mood! This year has been hard for everyone with the COVID-19 Pandemic so I hope I can lighten the mood. Maybe I can  raise a smile with these stories I heard in my nursing career many, many years ago. Lighten the Mood 1 A Nurse was working the night shift. One of her …

Humidity and Viral Infections
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Humidity and Viral Infections

Humidity and Viral Infections What do you know about humidity and viral infections? Did you know: that a report from the Transboundary and Emerging Disease Journal suggests there is a link between humidity and viral infections including the COVID-19 Virus? that research carried out at Yale University* and the University of Sydney** explains that the …

COVID-19 stockpiling essential items Morrisons Watford where public stockpiling was investigated
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COVID-19 Stockpiling Essential Items

My thoughts on stockpiling following the COVID-19 outbreak. I went to the local Morrisons today and was expecting people stockpiling essential items due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead I found only a marginal increase in shoppers and despite press reports there were toilet rolls still available. That’s an interesting one, toilet rolls! I wonder if …

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