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Humidity and Viral Infections
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Humidity and Viral Infections

Humidity and Viral Infections What do you know about humidity and viral infections? Did you know: that a report from the Transboundary and Emerging Disease Journal suggests there is a link between humidity and viral infections including the COVID-19 Virus? that research carried out at Yale University* and the University of Sydney** explains that the …

COVID-19 Lockdown
Blog - Business - Health & Safety

COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 Lockdown The latest government COVID-19 Lockdown rules create health and safety issues for small businesses. The rules raise matters relating to: Going to work if you can’t do your job from home. Not mixing with more than one person outside your home. But allowing mixing with more than one person at work. Not always …

Eat Out to Help Out
Blog - Health & Safety

Being A Small Business Employer During COVID-19

Being a Small Business Employer During COVID-19 Being a small business employer during COVID-19 has been challenging. Particularly so if you are classed as BAME, over 65 and have Type 2 Diabetes. You exercise five times a week and keep semi isolated by mixing only with family and other semi isolated people. Add to this …

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